Southern Shades will coordinate with the individual, Designer/Design Firm and/or Project Manger/Architect/Development Group/Director of Operations/Construction Superintendent/Builder/AV Specialist for providing all necessary information to generate a detailed quote on all project details and concepts.  All requests for quotes must be submitted in writing via e-mail.

Should you choose to have our team arrange an on-site walk through to provide measuring and design consultation, we gladly accommodate for that service as well.  Formal Design Consultations and Site Measures are billed separately.  All consultation charges are due upon receipt of invoice.

Please click here to schedule a consultation in your home or business.



Turnaround times for proposals can vary depending on the size and extent of the project as well as materials and other sourcing requirements.  While we are happy to provide and discuss options during our consultation, we do require that most final details are confirmed.  If you require multiple quotes for labor and/or yardage in order to provide your client with several options for the same window, bed, or accessory, additional charges will apply. 


Labor and Material Requirements

Fabric Review
A memo sample of the fabric and trim is always appreciated.  This allows the ability to accurately determine the best means of construction suitability of the fabric for the project. 

Fabric Details
To be included with all proposal requests is information for the following regarding fabrics: Manufacturer, Name, Color, Pattern repeats (vertical, horizontal, half-drop, railroaded), fiber content, direction and face. 

Yardage Requirements
As a courtesy to our designers, we carefully calculate yardage accounting for patterns, repeats, fabric widths, and other factors. In the rare event that there is a shortage of fabric or trim, SS will not be responsible for purchasing additional material.

Fabric Selections & Style
Extra small tucks or pleats, upholstery weight fabric used in non-upholstered items, beaded trim, or any fabric or trim requiring extra care in handling and fabrication may require additional charges for labor.

The following fabrics/trims may require additional charges:
Velvet, Silk, chenille, open weaves, leather, vinyl, fur, embellished fabric, and embroidered fabric.


Work Orders & Project Spreadsheets

To ensure the quickest and most accurate production/fabrication, please provide all necessary information for fabrication.

It is the responsibility of the designer to complete a thorough and detailed work order including, but not limited to, the following items:

Fabric names and colors, room/location, Client/project name, item to be made, size, finish, pleat style, trim placement and detail, boxing, flanges, welting, mattress, button tuft, pleats, etc.

Other questions, which you may need to provide answers for may include:

    Do you need inserts/cores provided (pillows, cushions, duvets, etc.)?


Acceptance and Modification of Proposal

Following the consultation, and once designs have been formulated and agreed upon, a detailed written estimate, including yardage required and labor costs, will be provided via email.  It is your responsibility to carefully read over the estimate to make sure all details are included.  Subsequent corrections and/or changes must be requested in writing.  When final, the estimate is valid for 30 days.

Acceptance of proposals may be made by Client signing the acknowledgement at the bottom of the proposal and remitting payment of required 50% deposit before the project can be added to the workroom schedule.

Proposal acceptance can be acknowledged via e-mail with a signature on all pages of the proposal document by the designer and/or client.

Additionally, Southern Shades provides a non-binding arbitration contract for all new clients, automated products, and proposals over $25,000.

Once the proposal is accepted, modifications may only be made through a written work-order change form submitted in a timely manner.


Change Orders

After the estimate is signed by the Client and the deposit is received, requested changes or additions to the final order must be submitted in writing.  These changes will constitute a change order which will incur an administrative fee of not less than $20.00, which does not include fees for any new consultation, measuring, research or additional estimating services necessitated by the requested order or addition.  Changes requested after a project has been cut may not be possible.  Change orders may also affect the scheduled delivery date.

Client also acknowledges that from time to time, both Company and Client may need to alter the terms of the of the original proposal due to unforeseen circumstances which may arise during the discovery process and engineering requirements that cannot be anticipated or discoverable upon the execution of the original proposal.



Cancellation of an order that occurs before fabric is cut, or before goods have been ordered, will be honored and the deposit refunded less an administrative fee of 5% of the order.  After fabric has been cut and/or goods have been ordered, the designer is entirely responsible for the original orders payment in full.

Client understands that he or she shall be responsible for any and all costs associated with any work-order change, which shall be billed separately.


Initial Deposit and Payment Terms

Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that proposals are not considered ratified until payment for 50% of fabrication is made.  Company shall place order for any goods associated with the proposal as soon as the proposal is received- modifications to the portion of the proposal specifying goods to be ordered cannot be modified after payment is received.


Fabrication & Manufacturing 

Drop Shipped Fabrics
All fabrics and trim must be clearly marked with your company name and job name (also reffered to as a side mark) as well as a note as to the room in which it is to be used. 

Directional fabric, railroading, and other fabric detail specifications also need to be expressed in the Work Orders.

All fabrics are carefully inspects for flaws and correct yardage as soon as possible after reciept.  In the event there is an issue with materials, we will notify you as soon as possible. 

Remnants & Production Scraps
Upon prior requtest, all fabric which remains on the bolt will be returned to you after completion of your product. Materials are only held for 30 days after installation and become the property of SS workroom thereafter.  Additinoally, production scraps will not be returned unless specified prior to Acceptance. 



Timelines and Turnaround
Estimated delivery and installation dates will only be provided when all project components required for the job completion have been received.  Lead times can vary, but generally range from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the scope and complexity of the job.

Rushed Services
With sufficient notice, Southern Shades will always do our best  to accommodate the preferred installation date.  Rush order services can be requested and, if possible (workroom schedule permitting), we are happy to accommodate our clients.  However, there will be a 20% production surcharge which is due with full payment to proceed with rush services.

Installation Day
Client understands that his or her presence (or their agent) is required at the time of installation.  Client or Client’s agent shall be required to re-sign the proposal at the time of delivery indicating his or her acceptance of the services and good provided.


Final Payment

Payments can be broken down into 2 different types:

Soft Goods
Payment for all soft goods must be made within 10 days of date of delivery. Soft good are defines as items composed of fabric, such as pillows, bedding, draperies, window treatments, headboards, and other fabricated goods and accessories.

Hard Goods
Payment for all hard goods must be made prior to or upon installation.

Client hereby agrees that Company will not install hard goods prior to full payment.  Client also acknowledges that if travel is made for an installation and payment cannot be rendered upon arrival that Client shall be charged for travel time to and from the installation at the rate of $45 per hour.


Returns and Repairs

Company pledges that all services and goods shall be of workmanship-like quality.  We are committed and stand behind our work.


Press & Photography

Photos are a great way to showcase our work with the beustirfula fabrics and designs as they compliment...however, this can also be a sensitive issue for a number of reasons. 

While many of our clients are happy to share the interiors of their homes, many are not. We will be sure address this issue with the designer/client directly in advance to ensure no invasion of privacy occurs.

PR & Publication
Often times, our clients may intend to use a particular project in a publication or PR....please advice if limited or no photos are preferred.